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Welcome to the Kenya's best freelancers website. We provide a platform for buyers to search and select their service providers in an easy and free interactive environment. As a customer, all you need is to register (or remain anonymous- without registration) and post a query. To post an item just click on "Ask for services/products link" on the right menu. Interested service providers will then find your post and respond. If registered, you don't need to leave your contacts as the system provides private messaging to registered users only. But if your wish to remain anonymous, please show your contacts on the post.

Tafutabiz.com is affiliated to Micom Technical Services Center, which deals in a wide variety of IT related services including web design and hosting. Tafutabiz.com's main goal is to vitalize and energize Kenyan internet culture into another level. We play our part by making marketing of products easier, faster, affordable and reliable through internet.

Tafutabiz.com Mission Statement
We introduce people to the concept of internet marketing, focusing on the small /Middle level business or professionals.

We believe many business people with a common internet location can be more effective being part of a group rather than individually.

We believe that the internet can be used as a marketing tool on the local level, not just over long distances, as many people envision it.

Go to our Contacts page for any enquiries
or email us on csckenya@gmail.com, call 0722653296

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