Another woman stripped in Nairobi-Wrong turn in our morals

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Just who strips a fellow human being in public! I am sure that most readers are as disgusted as any other upright person would be!  I was fascinated by the Robert Louis Stevenson’s tale of the behavioral transformation of good Dr. Jekyll into the murderous Mr. Hyde. That dramatic change required some strange chemical formula.


I still wonder if such a transformation could be accomplished without drugs. William Golding's (1962) Noble prize-winning novel of the transformation of good British Christian choir boys into murderous little beasts centers on how the change in one's external physical appearance leads to a change in one’s mental state and behavior.


When did all the good people, who not long ago  joined hands to help in the WestGate Attack transform to such beastly activities like stripping  a fellow human being and instilling in her a stigma that will last a life time.

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