Brutalizing A Baby, Who Can’t Defend Herself – The Real Story Comes To A WhatsApp Near You!

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The Amin's Country once again beats the Pope, oil prices news and China's zeal in aping everything from toothpicks to the Range-Rover. In only 4 days, a video from this East African nation has been viewed more than 30 million times world-wide! for all the wrong reasons.

The disturbing video of a nanny in Uganda brutalizing a defenseless baby, has been widely shared on the internet, provoking outrage, horror and upset from the  little-known street in Uganda to Madison Square .... across the Atlantic .

The story came to a WhatsApp near you! And the gross graphics revelations have chilled many-a-spine!

I remember studying, in my undergraduate studies, a novellete – "The Delegates Child" by Mary Karooro Okuurut. Very Provocative indeed. Fast-forward, 2014… meet the same woman; she is now minister of Gender in Uganda. And under her watch, along slithers in (Jolly Tumuhirwe, 22-looks much older) the monster maid who was secretly filmed senselessly brutalizing a two-year-old toddler. Jolly, lovely name! will now be charged with attempted murder. I am still fascinated by her name. It is a basic English word for “happy” – not so sure what’s jolly about her.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police, “She will appear in court again on December 8th, 2014 to face the attempted murder charges. She had earlier been charged under the Anti-torture Act, Sec. 3.  Many people including myself find this despicably, kind-of-Nazistic!

The video captured by interior security cameras early last week at Kamanzi’s  home of Naalya, reveals a spine-chilling and evil story where Tumuhiirwe is forcefully and carelessly feeding the baby. The baby, whom we have established was sick at the time, exhibits difficulty in coping with the rough and speedy rate at which Tumuhirwe fed her.

The monster Proceeds to batter the baby with a hard object on the face. After the child starts to vomit. Farther, the video shows the maid throwing her heartlessly on the floor of the living room. She continues to beat the her with a hard object before standing on the baby’s back several times and the toddler groaned in pain on the floor, helpless! Not done, she continues; kicking her and stepping on her back. She finally gave her the last kick which sents her silent and unable to move - motionless.

click the link below to view the cold experience of this defenseless baby. This monster nanny is so cold...You could literally catch a flu!

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