Could Governor Alfred Mutua be the Modi of Kenya?

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When Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of the Gujarati state in India from 2001 to 2014 he initiated policies and strategies that set out his state apart from the rest at least economically. However, his administration has also been criticized for failing to make a significant positive impact upon the human development of the state.

The changes brought by Modi in the period 2002–2007 has led to Gujarat being called an attractive investment destination and now as the Prime Minister of India, many business moguls such as Donald Trump have expressed interest in investing in his country. Journalists such as Aditi Phadnis would write that "there was sufficient anecdotal evidence pointing to the fact that corruption had gone down significantly in the state... if there was to be any corruption, Modi had to know about it".Modi started financial and technology parks in the state. During the 2007 Vibrant Gujarat summit, real estate investment deals worth billions of dollars were signed in Gujarat.

Gujarat is a semi-arid state just like Machakos and, according to Tushaar Shah, was "... never known for agrarian dynamism". Modi's government has worked to brand Gujarat as a state of dynamic development, economic growth and prosperity, using the slogan "Vibrant Gujarat", and this is what we all know about Mutua and Machakos.

With this much media hype about Mutua this Mutua that, could he be our president in the near future?

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