Kenya's best Freelancers' website: How it works

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This is how you can easily post your request. A customer may post anonymously or choose to register. For registered members, you may wish not to show your contacts openly since interested respondents can send a Private Message to you which can be viewed from our site's inbox or from your email. However it would be best if your contacts are available in your post since unregistered users cannot private message you.

Anyone can leave a response under your post if they don't wish to contact you directly.

Business people/ Professionals registered here and subscribed to your request category(e.g Computers, Wedding planners, etc) will receive your request instantly through email and may contact you. It is all free and the registration process is one step.

Step one. Click on the "ASK for products/Services" link on the left sidebar under 'My Menu'.

Step two. on the provided form, please enter your post, then enter the amount you intend to spend on the request or leave it as negotiable. Select or type in the location and category for ease in narrowing down and quicker response.

Step three. Submit your post by clicking on Save node button.

NB: Business experts too can post using the same form but should choose the option; "I'm a products/Service provider" in order to appear in the right section.

If you wish to be notified through email when a customer requests what you offer please create an account. Once logged in click on "My account" link on the right side of header section, find Subscription tab to select Categories of your trade, save and wait for customers on email or inbox. Good Luck.

Any willing user will only need to get your contacts and call you, email, comment on your post or private message you.

As a customer, you will have the opportunity to get multiple vendors and freedom to interrogate respondents. A customer is always right.