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Welcome to our site, a one stop shop for all your web consulting services.

We are a team of passionate web developers who believe in simplicity and enjoy crafting unique user experiences. We specialize in website design and corporate intranets. Our designs are optimized and ready for latest technologies.

If you are looking for reliable, friendly, up-to-date, punctual and effective IT Company, call us (0722653296) or email(csckenya@gmail.com) us your request now. We continue to care about your project even after the delivery date.

Custom websites:

We collaborate with you to create beautiful, meaningful and cost-effective websites using the most advanced web platforms available today: Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla.

Every smart solution begins with a well-thought-out strategy.

Your vision for a smarter web, shaped to meet your goals. Whether you need us to run the show or help build your internal team, our seasoned consultants will find the path to succeed together. A successful partnership is our priority.
You can Expect:
  • Infrastructure Review
  • Needs assessment
  • Goal Refinement
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Staff Training and Augmentation

Reach out and communicate the way you want with our customized online platforms. We use latest technologies to design a website that best captures the interests of your business in whatever the industry you are in.

Our websites are based on the leading open source Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla.


Deploy and customize a fully-featured mini-site for event management in just one click.

Event management, be it for internal meetings or dissemination initiatives, is one of the most complex activities for an organization.

We offer fully-featured event mini-sites that can be deployed by the site administrator with one click. Each mini-site can be completely customized and comes with an advanced registration system, mass-email capabilities and the possibility to integrate it in your custom website.

Intranet solutions

Bring together people, documents and tools with our tailor-made Intranet solutions.In a geographically distributed organization, communicating and sharing information with all members can be tedious. Using a myriad of different tools doesn't help either and it can seriously undermine efficiency and productivity.

Our intranet solutions are focused on bringing together people, tools and information in one single place: document repository, event management, newsletter and database of contacts are part of the same system, helping you streamline your internal communication.

It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to not only collaborate with their internal teams, but with their partners and constituents, and this means going beyond adapting solutions for storing documents or a way to "follow" and "like" your coworkers. What our collaboration tools need is robust data security to help us control how information is shared between our constituents and information for our executives. Open Atrium 2 separates content from people, and that means that you can consistently make any information securely available (or not available) to any group of people, at any time.

With an intranet solution developed by Tafutabiz.com (Micom LTD), your business can:

  • Better manage its mobile app and web content
  • Better handle its documents, records, emails, forums and/or blogs
  • Provide a secure and streamlined communication platform for employees
  • Build a secure repository of all its files
  • Work flows such as requization forms, leave management system etc

Learning Management Systems

Do you have a school or college that wishes to try e-learning systems? We shall deploy the best open source solutions to your institution. From Moodle to Opigno to ensure that learning management is done right.

Say goodbye to monotonous training programs and hello to an online experience. Your trainees will love you for it and you will love us for providing you with a platform that will make your life easier.

Rolling out training to different individuals, in different departments, for different training requirements is a real challenge for organizations without a formal learning management solution.   Delivering the content in a timely, accurate and in an effective manner is also paramount to the success of each project.

By using Tafutabiz.com(Micom people) as your training solution we can help you:

Manage multiple learning types centrally

Different organizations have different training requirements and different training methodologies. Use Tafutabiz(Micom) to centrally manage all your training types, eLearning, classroom-based, experiential/on-the-job, document, soft-skills and more.  


Deliver personalized learning for individuals

Each individual will have their own unique set of training requirements. Micom/Tafutabiz allows you to automatically deliver training to these individuals using it's training plan functionality. 

Manage training resource

Managing resource allocation across different training programs can be difficult to manage, particularly if you have a large organization or a large number of training programs. Tafutabiz/Micom allows you to manage training resources, such as training rooms, demonstration kits, trainers and more through the system.

Create eLearning in a collaborative environment

As well as managing training, Tafutabiz/Micom allows you to create eLearning content within the system. Workflows ensure the proper review and approval process are performed before the training is rolled-out.

LMS Features
  • Deep, flexible, easy-to-use learning management platform
  • Broad range of content options, including prepackaged libraries, learner contributed content, recordings and content development tools.
  • Powerful blended learning, including cost-effective Unified Virtual Learning
  • Point-of-need learning with mobile and social learning solutions, creating an engaging social environment for employees and managers
  • Deep assessment software and analytics capabilities

 LMS Benefits

  • Improve employee productivity through targeted skills development
  • Drive top-line growth by cultivating know-how across the global enterprise
  • Cut costs and risks with automated compliance processes