Unlikely emerging middle income status

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Terminal 1E is a classical return of phasing out mediocrity in one of the fastest growing economy in the world! Formerly known as Unit 1, God knows what that was all about! The architectural genius couldn’t have come at a better time.  These leafy environ – known in the technocrats circle as the Green-Fields project, it conceal extensive ranks of lounges and pretty much easier-to-navigate P.A.  and ICT conscious systems. It’s the first in its ranks in the continent!

Apparently, the genteel atmosphere and ambience shames its former self ; it is now a relative wealth of attractions which makes this part of the world an appealing destinations for a quick and easy escape from the already crowded parts of the world formerly known as the Developed West!

It’s now official, unless of course you are living under a rock! “African Poverty is falling... Much Faster than You Think!”

As a result, Africa now has the fastest-growing middle class in the world. Some 313 million people, 34% of Africa’s population, spend USD 2.20 a day, a 100% rise in less than 20 years, according to the African Development Bank.  Some very visible indicators include the robust overnight changing sky-line in the city that previously was home to The little UNEP, now globally redefined  UNEA – red vehicle reg. plate, privileges in many public amenities still inches the country’s comfort for “all”, all indeed!

Happily, experienced in the Far-East, we can now say……. Let’s roar, baby!

Mokua Nicholas

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