Why Kenya should migrate to digital

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Dear Kenyans, do you remember how life was before mobile telecommunication in Kenya? Look at the boom now! Mobile money, multimedia messaging and new business associated with this technology. Look at the number of people this has employed; Mpesa, Scratch Cards sale, cell phone shops, cell phone repairs etc, not to mention the convenience in business and social life.

New technology is usually to your advantage. With the current analogue broadcasting, not many Kenyans can afford to invest into the system, but with Digital broadcasting you will only need less than Kshs200,000 to kick start your own TV station.

There will be many jobs created since broadcasting will be divided into different levels;

a.       Content creators i.e programs

b.      Broadcasters i.e Radio and TV stations e.g KTN, NTV, KBC, Citizen etc

c.       Infrastructure providers i.e signal distribution e.g  GoTv, Startimes, Zuku etc

At all these levels where roles are separated, competition will be encouraged and quality of service enhanced to the benefit of consumers.

Direct benefits

  • New spectrum for broadband wireless
  • Better picture and sound quality
  • Possibility of more channels
  • Extending coverage in vernacular language
  • Extending the transmission coverage area
  • Digital convergence
  • Re-shaping public interest broadcasting
  • Creating local content

New TV channels will have to be paid for, by consumers themselves (through Pay TV subscriptions), by the Government (through the state broadcaster) and by advertisers (through new Free-To-Air channels). With the right incentives African governments can increase investment and jobs in the local TV sector.

Tanzania and now Rwanda has already switched to digital broadcasting.

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